Why you should outsource for Company Secretary Services Singapore

Company Secretary services Singapore

Whether you are operating an offshore company in Singapore or you are considering incorporation of a company, it’s important to note that Company Secretary services Singapore come at a premium. You may encounter challenges in finding the qualified person when you need the service the most. According to the Company Law of Singapore, every company is required to appoint a qualified company secretary within six months of incorporation.

Although some companies opt to perform the corporate secretarial tasks manually, they end up putting in much effort, and that can distract from the core functions of the business. When you engage Onestop company secretary for such professional services, you don’t have to be concerned about keeping deadlines as that gets taken care of by the secretary. The fact that they understand the intricacies of the diverse secretarial tasks can help you avoid some of the unnecessary penalties.

When outsourcing for company secretary services Singapore, you must make sure that the providers are well-versed of the laws and procedures that a company should adhere to to ensure statutory compliance. There are several options that you can consider when choosing a company secretary as you can either opt to employ an in-house one or outsource the services through a reputable company in Singapore. When you engage a reputable company such as Onestop-ca.com, you also get to have access to a range of professional services that can benefit the organization.

When you engage a reputable firm for company secretary services Singapore, you can easily separate the execution of compliance-related tasks and non-core ones from tasks involving revenue generation. That will free you from having to focus on two essential tasks that can be overwhelming, especially when you are just getting started. Remember that the perfect time to engage a company secretary is when you are considering the incorporation of a company or when registering a company in Singapore.

The firm that you engage for company secretary services should be able to assist with the formation of a company, on top of the execution of tasks related to the compliance with statutory requirements and laws. When outsourcing for company secretary services, consider the fact that Singapore can be a tight market, so you need to look out for reputable firms that are cost-effective and offer a range of professional services. You need to engage a professional firm as they are quite familiar with the procedures that are involved, such as statutory compliance, tax filing, accounting, annual general meetings, and such like.

If the company in need of company secretary services Singapore is an offshore company, it’s advisable that you engage a company secretary with an in-depth understanding of the actual role and duties that they should be executing. The company secretary that gets hired should be a certified professional who has already worked as a company secretary in Singapore and clearly understands what’s expected of them. Remember that any compromise might lead to your statutory compliance, goodwill, and brand image being jeopardized. You should, therefore, ensure that you choose the right service provider from a reputable professional firm in Singapore.


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