Why Outsourcing Accounting Services Is a Smart Money Move

Why Outsourcing Accounting Services Is a Smart Money Move

Accounting is often an overlooked component of business. Singapore accounting services are sometimes dispensed with because some companies think hiring accounting personnel is too expensive. However, hiring full-time accounting professionals or outsourcing the services of a Singapore accounting firm can offer small and mid-sized organisations incredible returns on investment (ROI).

First off, accountants are not just glorified bookkeepers. Aside from being a general accountant, most accounting professionals wear different hats and carry out a variety of essential duties, such as being a compliance specialist, business analyst, tax adviser, and financial watchdog. To learn more about why accountants are necessary in business, here are some major reasons why outsourcing accounting services is a financially wise decision.

1. Lessen expenses

A practical cost accountant is usually familiar with a specific field, product, or service. This type of professional constantly analyses business data and searches for places to cut down waste and bloat. Some examples of this are extraneous staff, too-high overhead, and excess inventory. Essentially, by trimming costs, a business can earn higher profits. Hence, having a good cost accountant is vital to reduce your business expenses.

2. Increase income

Every business depends on a stable flow of cash into its coffers. An accountant with financial expertise can aid your business in optimising and regularising revenue streams by supervising accounts receivable, enhancing debt collection, and advising smart investments. This accountant can also examine market rates for your products and services and make adjustments to your prices for the purpose of maximising income.

3. Track ROI

Is your company measuring its ROI on marketing dollars? If not, then you should start doing so. With the help of an accounting firm in Singapore, you can calculate the success rate of your advertising campaigns by examining the number of your business’ new customers and sales figures against the overall cost of outreach. With this knowledge, your company will not be wasting money on efforts that lead to little to no profit increase.

4. Manage tax matters

When your company was still small and starting, you might have been able to manage your own annual filings and quarterly payments. However, as your company expands, its payroll and taxes become much more complicated since there is an increase in variables and applicable regulations on both local and national levels. For companies with an international presence, taxes are even more burdensome.

Fortunately, tax accountants can be hired to help a company remain in compliance and stay up-to-date with legislative changes. By having an accountant who has in-depth knowledge of how to minimise tax bills and maximise deductions, your company can likely save money. Indeed, hiring an effective tax accountant can pay for itself numerous times over.

5. Begin stalled growth

At some point within their first couple of years, it is normal for businesses to suffer a slowdown. This period is often referred to as the ‘sophomore slump’. At this point, working with an accounting services provider in Singapore can help your company determine unprofitable business lines, restructure its debt, and realign the prices of its products and services. Accountants essentially play a huge role in advising executives on refining their existing strategies and returning to growth mode.


Hiring accounting personnel or outsourcing accounting services is usually a smart money move for businesses of any size and in every industry. Generally, as your company grows, you may find it increasingly challenging to handle the financial side of the business. As such, you will be required to avail the services of a professional with expertise in business finances in order to prevent your company from losing its financial momentum – this professional is undoubtedly an accountant!

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