Why Businesses Should Outsource Secretary Services

The government in most countries mandates businesses and companies to comply with various regulations for them to operate legally. And to ensure they’re able to do so, their secretaries are often the one who is most familiar with the government requirements in Singapore and how to adhere to them.

When you want to look for the right corporate secretary to join your team, you have to ensure that your prospective candidate is equipped with the knowledge and understanding of Singaporean business regulations and compliance requirements to run and progress smoothly. They should also handle complying with statutory requirements, managing various documentations and forms, and so much more.

But if doing it yourself is too much of a process, you might want to consider outsourcing your corporate secretary from a company that provides company secretary services.

Most businesses in Singapore have outsourced their corporate secretaries from third party companies because of the added convenience, not to mention its other benefits. Read on as we go through the various advantages of hiring an external party as your company secretary.

Have the necessary background knowledge

Chances are, companies that offer company secretary services have already screened their team and made sure that they can accomplish various secretarial tasks for a smooth business operation.

It also helps that these people have already worked with other businesses or companies, making them more experienced in executing their duties and responsibilities.

Legal requirements will have complied better

Outsourced corporate secretary services are accustomed to helping multiple businesses comply with their legal requirements simultaneously.

They know the possible repercussions of non-compliance, which is why they are committed to managing various documents and forms and submitting what needs to be submitted on or before their due dates. This reduces the chances of you incurring late fees and other penalties.

Committed to being reliable

There are multiple reasons businesses or companies opt to outsource secretary services, but arguably, the most common one is that they are very reliable.

They possess extensive knowledge of how detrimental underperformance in a competitive market is, which is why they are committed to providing their clients with reliable services.

Possess more secretarial skills

Having worked with the secretarial endeavours of multiple companies in the past, outsourced corporate secretary services are more capable of handling tasks that can be specific to your business.

Some business types have to comply with regulations exclusive to the industry that they are in, and outsourcing your secretarial services increases the likelihood of you being able to comply with unique legal requirements since these service providers are very versatile.

Access to various secretarial technologies

In recent years, there has been an increase in the innovation and technological advancements in the secretarial practice tailored to make the various processes more seamless and integrated.

Companies that provide secretarial services make it a point that they have the necessary and updated tools to provide you with the best possible service.


When you outsource secretarial services, it opens up the opportunity to work on your primary business operations – helping your business improve significantly. Especially with a qualified and experienced corporate secretary, it will help ensure accurate filing of paperwork, provide compliance obligations, manage company share transactions, and perform other duties properly.

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