Valuation Services

Whether you are buying a business or thinking of selling your business, it is always important to know how much your business is worth. We provide the following independent valuation services:

  • Valuation of businesses and enterprise
  • Valuation for compliance with the relevant financial reporting standards

Our tailored financial and advisory solutions will ensure that your business considerations and objectives are reflected in the financial and advisory advice we provide. With a focus on the business strategy, structure, management, and operations of an organization, we provide assistance by identifying options with recommendations, providing additional resources, or implementing solutions.
As part of our valuation and transaction services, our team works closely with our clients’ top management, board of directors, and audit committee.


Business Growth Advisory

• Strategic business planning

 • New project feasibility analysis

 • Overseas expansion advisory

Transaction Advisory

• Preparation of business plans and information memorandum

 • Financial due diligence

 • Commercial due diligence

 • Tax due diligence

IPO Advisory

• Financial diagnosis and evaluation of suitability of listing

 • Improve financial and management processes

 • Review of accounting and internal controls

 • Advise on corporate structure

 • Develop IPO strategy

 • Assist in Pre-IPO funding

 • Assist in compiling of information which includes prospectus, offering memorandum, historical financials, and profit projections

Valuation Advisory

• Purchase price allocation

 • Share-based compensation

 • Equity valuation

 • Intellectual property valuation

 • Financial instrument valuation

 • Goodwill and intangible asset impairment

 • Portfolio valuation

 • Valuation support for litigations and disputes