Top 5 Corporate Professional Services to Help Improve Your Organization

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Singapore is a regional business hub that offers a cosmopolitan workforce with the expertise needed to handle a range of corporate services in Singapore. Apart from its attractive tax regime, the aspect of a qualified workforce is another key thing that attracts investors to Singapore. The country has a vibrant base of professional firms offering a range of corporate services such as incorporation of a company, auditing, accounting, and more.

Singapore has been ranked as one of the most accessible places for doing business, and there are a number of reasons that contribute to that. Here are some of the top professional services that can help you improve your business;

Company Registration Services

When considering formation of company, you need to work with corporate service providers Singapore that can help you launch your business venture successfully. Working with a competent team that is well conversant with compliance issues and the various steps that must be followed with regard to Company registration are important. You need access to excellent technology and a team of professionals capable of handling diverse corporate services, and that’s where onestop-ca.com becomes of great help

Accounting services

Outsourcing your accounting services to reputable CA firms in Singapore, such as Onestop-ca.com comes with a lot of peace of mind. Instead of having to worry about submitting returns and meeting deadlines that time and effort will go towards doing things that can move your business forward. The fact that your accounts are handled with a team of experts also eliminates any element of inaccuracy or penalties that might arise as a result of non-compliance.

Auditing Services

Auditing is a mandatory requirement for companies registered in Singapore that meets a specific threshold. Even those small companies would still require auditing services just to ensure that the controls and measures put in place are operating effectively, and the business is advancing in the right direction. When you engage an auditor in Singapore you can be assured of having your financial statements analyzed and recommendations are given to improve your business growth.

Company Secretary Services

Every limited company registered in Singapore is required to have a company secretary. One of the key tasks of a company secretary is to ensure that the company observes compliance with the set laws and regulations. Filing of mandatory reports and holding annual meetings are some of the key tasks that a company secretary should be involved in. You need to engage a firm that offers company secretary services Singapore if you are to ensure that the tasks are executed effectively.

Local Director Services

When a foreign investor is considering the incorporation of company in Singapore, it’s a requirement that one of the directors must be a local resident of Singapore. Instead of figuring it all by yourself, you should consider working with reputable corporate service providers Singapore such as Onestop-ca.com that offers all the stated services in one place. Working with a reputable corporate service provider will ensure that all of the tasks are executed effectively while freeing your time to engage in other vital business tasks. 

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