Top 3 Reasons for Engaging Company Secretary Services

Company secretary services

One great indicator of a company heading towards the right direction with the potential of realizing growth is when you have qualified professionals at the helm of the operations. If you are operating a company in Singapore, then you require company secretary services that can help with executing some of the intricate tasks. 

When considering operating an offshore company in Singapore, engaging company secretary services should be given priority as that will help with ensuring that the services are well-executed as per the statutory requirements. The company secretary should be responsible for handling all of the administrative tasks of the company, and that’s quite vital, especially if the directors are not residents of Singapore. Having a local professional that can execute such tasks and ensure that administrative tasks are well-addressed is essential for business growth. 

Here are some of the reasons for engaging company secretary services:

Accuracy in the handling of administrative tasks

When operating an offshore company, any mistake made within the business operations can attract huge penalties, especially if statutory matters are not adhered to accordingly. By engaging company secretary services, you can rest assured that you will not be penalized for some mistakes as their key duty is to ensure that administrative tasks are well-executed. 

To have some element of accountability, you should consider engaging a local firm in Singapore that provides company secretary services. It not only exposes you to a pool of qualified professionals that you can work with, but you can also have some element of accountability, especially when dealing with a professional firm such as onestop-ca.com. A country like Singapore has stringent regulatory requirements that businesses are expected to abide by. Working with a highly qualified company secretary will help ensure that the administrative tasks are executed well.

Advisory tasks

The company secretary also handles legal and financial duties and is expected to advise the directors and shareholders on matters pertaining to the operations of the company. As per the companies act, the company secretary files and compiles statutory returns, including account statements for the shareholders. Such tasks are quite critical for the success of any company, and that’s why a lot of emphasis should be taken when engaging a professional firm for company secretary services. 

Tasks such as compilation of year-end reports, ensuring that the company complies with the regulatory requirements, is vital and should be given priority when choosing the right personnel for the delivery of company secretary services. 

Maintenance of records

Apart from executing administrative tasks and advisory roles, maintenance of records is another key reason why you need to engage company secretary services. If you are operating an offshore company, then you should be assured that the company documents are well-maintained and safe. In case of any reference, it should be easier to access the documents whenever you need them. As you engage a professional service provider such as onestop-ca.com, you can be assured of getting access to a range of professional services that your company will be in need of.

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