The 3 Steps To Implementing Outsourced Accounting Accurately

The 3 Steps To Implementing Outsourced Accounting Accurately

Many businesses are choosing to outsource their accounting functions these days – this is not surprising considering that outsourcing accounting services come with plenty of benefits. For one, it helps companies save costs and time, in addition to avoiding turnover and time-off issues. Moreover, outsourcing provides companies with more access to finance and accounting expertise.

However, although outsourcing sounds like an up-and-coming option, it is often not straightforward. There are many things one would need to consider to ensure they are outsourcing the right way. If you are particularly new to outsourcing, you might probably be wondering what the process of getting started looks like. At this stage, it is natural for you to have numerous concerns and worries. Hence, to help you, this article lays down the three critical steps to set up and implement your outsourced accounting properly.

Step 1: Prepare your business for outsourcing accounting

Of course, the first step to implementing and integrating outsourced accounting into your business is preparation. Before anything else, your company should be ready to implement outsourced accounting services. This is done by initially deciding on the objectives of your business and determining where outsourcing can fit in to help achieve those objectives.

When outsourcing business functions, it is crucial to be agile. Your outsourced accounting team should fully integrate into your business operations easily and quickly in order to efficiently achieve your business objectives. To do this, you can create a workflow and map out the tasks and processes you would like to get accomplished and completed. This way, the outsourced team can have a guide as they begin to execute their functions. Aside from this, you may also create training videos as an alternative or an added supplement.

Step 2: Find and choose the right outsourced team

Not all outsourcing firms are created equal; some offer services that are relatively affordable but inefficient and unreliable at the same time. On the other hand, some accounting firms in Singapore provide top-notch services that can surely help your business achieve efficiency and success. To make sure that you do not fall for the former, it is essential to do some research on your end.

Before closing the deal with any firm, it would be best to take your time to do research. To get started, you may search for the best outsourced providers that offer specialised services suited to your industry. Ideally, you should be selecting a provider that is a specialist in accounting incorporated locally with both onshore and offshore support personnel – this is especially crucial when it comes to compliance and legalities. It also helps you ensure you receive the level and quality of accounting services you need.

Step 3: Fully train and supervise the outsource team 

Although outsourced accountants are typically experts in their field, they still often need to undergo training to ensure that everything they do aligns with your company’s values and goals. To begin, you should ideally assign someone in your company who primarily oversees and leads the outsourced accounting team.

This supervisor should be able to set up a comprehensive training programme that essentially teaches the new outsourced team members how your company operates technically and what its values and culture are. Once the training is complete, it is essential for you to still conduct regular check-ins with the outsourced team – with the assigned supervisor as the point of contact for communication around assignments, projects, and requirements. 


If you are still confused about whether outsourcing your accounting functions is an excellent idea, the simple answer to your dilemma is yes. However, to ensure that your outsourcing ventures succeed, it is necessary that your company is prepared to outsource accounting services, choose the right outsourced provider, and that your outsourced team is equipped with the knowledge and training needed to work well within your business.

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