Reasons Why You Need An Accountant

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From a 2019 survey, 74% of Singaporeans millennials strive to start their own business. However, business owners do not realize that 30% of Singapore startups fail within the first three years. Usually, this can be attributed to poor handling of finances. Accountants can help to rectify this, as they evaluate your investments and provide advice on how to improve your business and grow steadily. Although you may feel uneasy, leaving your business in someone else’s hands, an accountant is a stepping stone for long-term financial success. Hence, these are the reasons why you should consider engaging CA firms in Singapore


1. Identify deductible expenses 
Most businesses aim to maximize their deductible expenses. An accountant will be able to help you spot possible deductible expenses and provide insight on how to strategize them. Without an accountant, you may quickly lose track of such deductible expenses. Thus, firms without accountants should consider engaging CA firms in Singapore to ensure all your expenses are always accounted for.  


2. Evade audits
Accountants can also help you to steer clear of the tediousness posed by audits. With an accountant overseeing your financial activities such as taxes and write-offs, you can rest assured that your accounts will be kept in good shape, and audits will be held at arm’s bay. 


3. Cost-efficiency
Managing finances will be an uphill task for people with no accounting knowledge, as many mistakes can be made with financial reporting. Furthermore, your business could suffer severe detriment if misinformed decisions are made regarding your finances. As such, it would be wise to engage professional accountants from CA firms in Singapore, to provide insight and advice on your finances and steer your business towards its goals. 


4. Financial advice
Business owners usually face trouble foreseeing the financial ramifications and impacts of their decisions. An accountant will have a firm grasp of your budgets and cash flows, thus providing you with sound advice regarding the consequences of your choices. With the aid of an accountant, you will be able to make better decisions for your firm based on the most updated information on your finances. 


5. Financial planning
Business owners often have their hands full with the maintenance of daily business operations. Hence, it is only wise to hire an accountant that will help you monitor and gauge the financial stability of your business. An accountant will be able to analyze financial reports and estimate the performance of your business in the long run. Hence, the accountant will provide you with expert advice on the optimal time to make future decisions, such as making significant investments and purchase of inventory. 


Business owners already have a hard time trying to ensure the success of their businesses; thus, it is only wise to outsource your financial management to a professional accountant that is guaranteed to make the best financial decisions for your firm. OneStop Professional Services has a team of highly trained professional chartered accountants that is sure to provide you with just that.

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