OneStop Professional Services Featured On Channel NewsAsia

OneStop Professional Services Featured On Channel NewsAsia

Amidst Singapore marking the end of the default work-from-home safety measure, Channel NewsAsia (CNA) interviewed Chairman John Ngan from OneStop Professional Services regarding welcoming staff back to the office and our plans moving forward in the new working-in-office norm.

We are proud to have John featured on CNA and Channel 5, as he touched on the new arrangements now that the closure of workplace premises has been lifted and working individuals can now look forward to joining their colleagues in the office.

Featured on Channel NewsAsia and Channel 5 

OneStop Professional Services Featured On Channel NewsAsia

In the recent news that aired on March 3 on both CNA and Channel 5, OneStop Professional Services and our Chairman John Ngan was featured at 1:10, where John briefly shared previous 2021 plans of working from home – prior to the recent change. This includes communicating via platforms such as WhatsApp, phone calls, video conferencing application Zoom, and remote desktop software TeamViewer, among others.

Starting from 2022, John shared that 50% of our employees will return to the office as we look forward to more meetings and interactions between colleagues. With this exciting new change, safe management measurements will take place as we commence this new norm.

Continue reading this article as we share preparations for our returning workers coming to the workplace starting from January 2022 and learn the steps we take to incorporate employee well-being in the office.

Our reopening plans

In the interview, John mentioned reopening plans that include more frequent cleaning ahead as well as a new roster schedule to ensure the safety of staff returning to the office to resume work.

The new roster schedule involves two teams, team A and team B, who will take turns heading to the office on a weekly rotation basis. This is to adhere to the 50% of employees in the office daily while exuding fairness between all workers. Additionally, in terms of tracking employees’ vaccination status, we will be obtaining screenshots of our workers’ TraceTogether application to make certain that those heading back to work are fully vaccinated. This measure is essential in ensuring the well-being of our staff and keeping those coming healthy.

Good news aside, continuing steps to ensure business continuity in tough times is still crucial to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from further disrupting employees’ personal and work lives. To keep businesses afloat, companies should also consider these steps – such as but not limited to guiding and supporting employees while safeguarding the health and safety of not only them but their loved ones as well.

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