When setting up a new business in Singapore, Singapore law states that there needs to be at least one director and one shareholder. The director will then be listed on the official company records, of which their name would be used to officiate formal proceedings concerning the company.

Nominee Director Services Singapore

To be a director of a company, they would have to be individuals either residing in Singapore or that of a Singapore citizen. This requirement, however, can become a challenge when it comes to appointing a suitable person as a director.

Thus, nominee director services are implemented to allow businesses to appoint a nominee director for the organisation. While a director in name for the organisation, the business can have it arranged such that the director does not have any decision-making power in the company. Thereafter, businesses can then appoint their desired executive directors to ultimately manage the business.

When do you require Nominee Director Services?

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An individual considering forming an organisation in Singapore but remaining anonymous can opt to engage nominee director services in place for a temporary director. Numerous reputable firms offer an affordable local nominee director fee in Singapore, and consulting them can put peace of mind as they are a great source of help. When engaging in nominee director services, it is useful to know that the business owner is still in complete control of the company – they have the option to give access to a broad spectrum of services that can be performed only when a director is present as well as being able to utilise the local director’s registered office as the address if required.

Suppose you are a non-citizen considering starting a business in Singapore. In that case, you should ideally steer in the direction of searching for a local director to assist you through nominee director services. For a reasonable fee, business owners can nominate a director to perform tasks under the owner’s written instructions. While the tasks executed by the nominee director are limited, it is essential that you engage one who has an extensive background of the services required.

Nominee Director Services

OneStop’s Nominee Director Services in Singapore

When on the lookout for nominee director services in Singapore, it is vital that you select a reputable firm – seeing as the level of tasks to be performed. While nominee directors typically do not have a say in your organisation’s business decisions, they are still required to act in compliance with Singapore law. Thus, choosing a creditable nominee director is vital in ensuring that your company can effectively execute all of the necessary statutory requirements.

Additionally, legal formalities should be met when choosing for the ideal nominee director service in Singapore. You should ideally work with an esteemed firm with the capability to undertake the required legal formalities in an effective and efficient manner. When done properly, these reputable firms can assist non-citizens in seeking trusted nominee directors capable of handling all of the necessary processes such as accounting, tax filing, and incorporation.

OneStop Professional Services Pte. Ltd. is a reliable company that offers numerous professional services in Singapore for affordable and reasonable fees. At OneStop, our hassle-free and efficient process ensures you have your company started in the shortest time possible. We assure you that you can focus and handle your organisation’s primary activities as we help source experienced nominee directors for your company. Other than nominee director services, OneStop also provides auditing, accounting, secretarial services, and more should you be in need of an all-inclusive solution.

FAQs On Our Nominee Director Services

The Companies Act mandates that each company in Singapore have a minimum of one director in charge of running the business and setting the direction. This individual must be a Singapore resident, which means they must be either a Singapore citizen, Permanent Resident, or a foreigner with an EntrePass or Employment Pass.
You may appoint as many directors as you require for your company; however, at least one individual must be a Singapore resident. Should you not have a Singapore resident as a director, you may hire a Nominee to comply with the law. This Nominee Director is only required during the roughly six-month process of obtaining an Employment Pass for yourself. You can then act as the only director afterwards.
OneStop Professional provides Nominee Director services for 12 months at S$2,400. For more information on our packages or to view additional pricing and services, please click here.
The same legal obligations and duties apply to a Singapore Nominee Director as they do to any other director in Singapore, including making sure the business complies with all applicable laws and regulations, acting in the best interests of the company, and managing the company's affairs. A good Nominee Director should be aware and understand their responsibilities and role and operate in good faith to safeguard the interests of the company as well as its stakeholders. In particular, a Nominee Director may be expected to participate in board meetings, make crucial corporate decisions, and sign legal documents on behalf of the company. When comparing Nominee Director fees, it is essential to consider a reputable firm instead of a firm that simply offers the lowest rates.
Yes, a Nominee Director in Singapore who violates their fiduciary duties or neglects to carry out their legal obligations as a director may be held accountable for the actions of the company. Ensuring that the Nominee Director understands their obligations and responsibilities is crucial, as is selecting a reputable Nominee Director service provider.
A Nominee Director may, in fact, also be a shareholder of the company. That said, it is important to make sure that the Nominee Director is acting in the company's best interests and not solely in the interests of the shareholder they represent.
While a Nominee Director is needed only during the roughly six-month process of acquiring an Employment Pass, the agreement between the Nominee Director and company will ultimately determine how long their term will be. The term could be until the Nominee Director's removal or resignation, but it could also be for an extended length of time.