An Infographic Guide to Foreigners in Incorporating of Company in Singapore

An Infographic Guide to Foreigners in Incorporating a Singapore Company

This infographic highlights all the key points to consider for the Incorporation of Company in Singapore, including the pre-incorporation and post-incorporation considerations.

Key Points to Consider for Singapore Company Incorporation

  1. If the foreigner intends to operate the business without relocating to Singapore, he can appoint a local nominee director to fulfill the requirement of Company registration in Singapore by a foreigner.
  2. A foreigner must acquire a right work visa/pass such as Employment Pass (EP) or EntrePass. These passes will enable you the foreigner to work in Singapore.
  3. The entire process of incorporating a company has to be carried out electronically using the online filing system only.
  4. That is why foreigners are advised to appoint a Singapore company incorporation service to submit the application on their behalf. Onestop Professional have the experienced incorporation experts who could authoritatively provide a comprehensive answer on, “How to register a company in Singapore as a foreigner?”
  5. Any person above age 18 can register a company in Singapore. Provided, that he has not been convicted of any legal offense or bankruptcy.
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