What is Company Incorporation?

The incorporation of a company is the legal process used to set up a corporate entity or a company. Recognised by Singapore law, the incorporated company is known as a legal entity that separates its income, assets, and the company from the owners of said company. Recognised by Singapore law, the incorporated company is known as a legal entity that separates the income, assets and liabilities of the company from its owners.

5-Step Guide To Company Incorporation

1. Verifying Name Availability

The first essential step to the incorporation of a company in Singapore is the selection of a name for your business, followed by the verification of its availability. Sending in an application during the registration procedure with at least three selected names will enable you to verify if the names are available for use.

It is vital to avoid words subjected to regulation or control by the government authorities when choosing an appropriate name for the company, as additional permission might be required to use certain terms. When used without permission, companies can risk receiving complaints.

2. Determining The Type Of Business Operation

Ideally, prospective business owners should list a minimum of two core business operations under the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification Code prior to incorporating a company. In any case in which the primary business activities exceed two, you should consider the ones that will highly likely generate the most profit for your business.

3. Licensing Requirements & Vetting Documents

To operate legally in Singapore, most businesses require a license involving specific conditions to be fulfilled. Thus, before setting up your company, it would be beneficial to set aside time to acquire knowledge about the license requirements needed for your business venture. This way, you are more inclined to receive your license instead of being rejected.

Once a license is obtained, you can then proceed with printing, stamping, and signing both the Articles as well as Memorandum of Association provided by the Registrar of Companies. These required, filled up Memorandum of Association and Articles documents will afterwards be submitted to the Registrar of Companies for vetting and subsequently, approval.

4. Electing Company Directors

After the registration of the business, at least one director must be registered – you can register a company with multiple directors; there is no maximum limit imposed. However, during this stage, it is vital to decide on an individual qualified to serve as the company’s business director as this person is responsible for managing and overseeing the overall company.

For the director to be considered, this individual must be residing in Singapore – especially for offshore companies. Otherwise, the organisation can look into other methods such as engaging in nominee director services. This nominee director, either a Singapore resident or one with an Employment Pass, will be required to handle business operations locally.

5. Settling Registration Fees

The registration fee, set typically according to the nominal capacity of an organisation that also owns a share capital, will be imposed for payment. During the period of incorporation of company, you should ideally prepare payment for the fee – addressed to the Registrar of Companies.

Requirements To Incorporating A Company In Singapore

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Incorporation Of Company Singapore

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FAQs On Incorporation Of Singapore

Anyone at least 18 years old, whether from Singapore or abroad, can form a company in Singapore. However, they should be able to fulfil the basic prerequisites set forth by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and must not have any prior misconduct convictions or bankruptcies.
Apart from a few minor differences, foreigners can establish a company in Singapore virtually as easily as Singapore residents. It is crucial to remember that in order to register their company, foreigners must nominate a Singaporean director who is native to the country and work collaboratively with a registered filing agent.

The correct setup presents another challenge, particularly for a foreigner who needs to gain knowledge of the legal or tax processes. As such, many foreigners setting up a business in Singapore opt for the assistance of a reputable firm providing company secretary and other corporate services, such as OneStop Professional.
According to ACRA, a fee of S$15 is applicable to register the company name, while the company registration fee is S$300. Foreigners are unable to self-register their businesses and must designate a registered filing agent to complete the work.

The actual cost of incorporating a Singapore company varies depending on the services required. OneStop Professional's starter package starts at S$600. You may view additional pricing and information here.