Importance of Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

The need for corporate secretarial services Singapore is on an all-time high, with many companies realizing how they get to benefit by engaging such services. Engaging a corporate secretary is vital for any organization that intends to have its structures put in place in a way that allows for business growth. A company secretary helps with ensuring that the company is compliant with regulatory and statutory requirements. They also help enforce the implementation of the board of director’s decisions for the significant flow of business processes. 

Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider corporate secretarial services in Singapore;

Acts as an advisor

The company secretary is the one charged with advising the board of directors on the position of the company and decisions that should be made. The individual that’s chosen for the job should be a professional with a high level of integrity and expertise. Working with a reputable corporate services provider can help offshore companies that are considering establishing businesses in Singapore and lack sufficient personnel qualified for the job. 

Handle transactions related to shares

When considering the incorporation of Company in Singapore, the position of a company secretary is critical. It should be handled with a person who understands the magnitude of the responsibilities that come with the job. The company secretary undertakes typically tasks such as issuing new shares as the company continues to expand. It’s also the company secretary that organizes for the payment of dividends and ensures that all legal obligations are met. 

This is a key task that, if not handled professionally and with accuracy, has the potential of causing high legal costs that can be expensive for the company. That’s why an organization should consider engaging a professional firm that offers corporate secretarial services Singapore if high-quality work is to be delivered.


Another critical task of the company secretary is to liaise with auditors, tax advisors, shareholders, lawyers, bankers, and other relevant bodies on company issues’ governance. Working with professional corporate service providers can significantly help as they are well-versed with the tasks and how they should be executed for the organization’s benefit. 

Attends Directors meetings

The role of the company secretary during board meetings is to take minutes and notes of the director’s and members’ meetings. Such tasks are integral for the effective operation of any corporation and have a way of impacting the day to day operations of the organization. Given the nature of the company secretary position, the ideal person should have a number of skillsets. Working with a firm that offers corporate secretarial services Singapore can be of great help when it comes to selecting highly qualified personnel.

An ideal company secretary should have key skills such as management and organizational skills, analytical skills, good communication skills, and familiarity with company formation regulations alongside statutory requirements. Working with corporate service providers such as Onestop-ca.com can be of great help as you can be assured of high-quality service.

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