How OneStop Professional Embraces and Incorporates CSR

How OneStop Professional Embraces and Incorporates CSR

It’s easy to get employees to embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR), but it requires a little bit of work. It’s not enough to make it a topic of conversation. While CSR can be a great way to engage employees in the company’s mission and values, it also can boost employee morale. Something about being a part of something bigger is inherently motivating.

Employees will generally feel more connected to the company when they see that leadership is invested in the company’s mission. When we make CSR a top priority in our company’s culture, our employees will feel that we support them and their work.

Corporate social responsibility at OneStop Professional

Corporate social responsibility at OneStop Professional

There are many programmes available initiated by brands to promote eco-awareness. The French company L’Occitane has consistently been recognised for its environmental commitment by creating a recycling programme that encourages customers to bring used packaging back into the store and trade it in for a coupon.

Our team members recently had the opportunity to visit the L’Occitane boutique at Plaza Singapura as part of our corporate social responsibility programme. There, the team recycled L’Occitane or emptied products of any beauty brand. The group consisted of John Ngan (OneStop CA CEO), Patrik (Business Development Manager), James Owe (Sales Manager), Sijing (Intern), Joey (Corporate Secretary), and Pearlin (HR).

Team Members Visit Loccitane Boutique

Our team continued their eco-awareness journey afterwards at a Recycle N Save reverse vending machine, which NEA and F&N developed as an initiative to install a series of smart Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) across Singapore in order to encourage Singaporeans to adopt a more eco-conscious lifestyle by offering them convenient and rewarding recycling programs for depositing recyclable plastic bottles into these RVMs.

Recycle N Save Reverse Vending Machine

Through empowering our staff to recycle used plastics, we hope to reduce the number of plastics in landfills with the additional hope that more employees will be encouraged by this initiative. If we want a healthy planet for generations after us, this is an essential task in helping the environment as sorting and recycling plastics can help reduce landfill waste.

Why OneStop Professional practices corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility is an essential driving factor in the success of any business. A company that takes social responsibility will positively impact the community and its employees.

Companies with a strong CSR culture are those that operate with a sense of morality and values. In order for employees to fully embrace the company’s social responsibility, we need to create a culture of CSR. This means making it a top priority in our company’s overall mission and values. Putting a focus on social responsibility is an excellent way to engage employees, showing them that we care about their well-being.


At OneStop Professional, corporate social responsibility is an important concept that impacts how we do business. Being socially responsible means that we want to do well for our customers, employees, the community, and the environment. It also means that we want to do well with the people we work with.

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