Formation of Company: Why Engage a Professional Service Provider

Formation of company

The process of formation of company can be daunting, especially for foreign investors that are not well versed with the procedures. If you’re considering doing business in Singapore then just knowing that it’s been ranked very highly for ease of business is a key thing that brings relief. However, it would be best if you still had an understanding of how to go through the process, and that can be challenging for a foreign investor. 

Working with corporate service provider Singapore comes with a lot of peace of mind. The professional firms have a team of highly qualified people that are capable of handling a range of services effectively. When considering company formation, especially a limited company; some of the requirements include engaging a local director, having a local business address, and engaging a company secretary. Finding the right personnel for such positions can be a challenge. It becomes more comfortable when you engage a service provider capable of providing all the services in place. 

Working with a corporate service provider will ensure that your business stays up to date on state requirements. When registering a company in Singapore, you need to free your time to concentrate on matters that help with growing your business. With the help of corporate service provider Singapore, you can be assured of having your statutory obligations submitted within the time and the necessary reminders to not miss on any deadline. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should engage a professional service provider;

Compliance with the law

Whether you’re a resident in Singapore or a foreign investor, there are compliance issues that you should abide by when registering a company in Singapore. Working with corporate service provider Singapore will ensure that every aspect of the registration is undertaken correctly. Remember that any form of mistake has the potential of attracting penalties and legal challenges. Working with a reputable professional service provider will help with ensuring that unnecessary penalties are avoided.

The professional firm will also act as a custodian of essential documents about your company. It’s like having a backup of all of your organization’s important documents, so you can still retrieve your documents from them in case of any loss.


If you choose to do all the work of formation of company on your own, you will be required to avail yourself in person for some of the tasks. Engaging in such tasks can be time-consuming as those are government offices that serve so many people. Working with corporate service providers, Singapore comes with a lot of flexibility. You will not have to worry about missing deadlines as there will be a team in place, ensuring that all your tasks are executed effectively. 

Ensures Privacy

As much as having a limited company exempts you from having personal liability in case of any issue, working with a dedicated team of corporate service provider Singapore helps ensure your privacy. Your organization can be managed effectively without you even being prominently at the forefront, which can help investors that prefer privacy. 

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