Expert Tips to Choosing Company Secretary Services in Singapore

Company Secretary Services

It is a statutory requirement in Singapore that every registered company appoints a company secretary within six months after incorporation. One of the key requirements for the ideal person is that they must be residents of Singapore. As many company secretary services are critical for a company’s operations, most company heads are not well conversant with company secretary’s roles and what they can consider when choosing them. 

With many firms offering company secretary services; having an insight on the roles and what to consider when choosing is vital. Here are some of the tips that can guide you when selecting company secretary in Singapore;

Understand the breadth of their role

Making the right choice can be a challenge if you don’t understand the role of company secretaries. Company secretary services range from record-keeping, acts as an assistant communications officer, and an executive assistant. The roles of a company secretary can be subdivided into about three categories such as;

Administrative Tasks

The company secretary acts as the primary contact person for the company and is the one to be contacted by ACRA regarding the company’s particulars. Company secretary services include preparing minutes for the company’s annual general meetings and executive meetings. They ensure that the minutes are kept up to date and file statutory returns with ACRA, IRAS, and other relevant bodies. 

Advisory Tasks

Company secretary services also include advisory tasks. They provide advice to the directors over various issues regarding the company. This may consist of; sharing of timely information with the directors regarding compliance and legal matters. An advisory task is a key role and that’s why a lot of emphases should be put on the firm’s credibility or individual being engaged.


The company secretary acts as communication officers within the organization. They are involved in regular communications with the shareholders and ensure that shareholders’ best interest is taken into account. They also disseminate timely financial documents that make it easy for shareholders to make timely decisions during the company’s AGM meetings. Some of these tasks are quite involving and require a high level of professionalism and experience. Therefore, it’s advisable that you work with a corporate service provider Singapore that can offer company secretary services. 

If in case you are a foreign investor, then it’s important to note that you can execute company secretary services while outside Singapore. Working with a firm that offers company secretary can therefore be of great help. Even if you are a resident of Singapore, the tasks are quite involving, and you may be forced to engage a professional who is well versed with all statutory requirements and capable of handling the tasks effectively.

Engaging reputable firms such as onestop-ca.com for company secretary services help with ensuring that all your tasks are executed with accuracy and compliance observed as required. Working with a trusted and reputable firm as your corporate service provider also makes it possible for you to benefit from other services that they provide. 

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