Delivering Reliable Auditing Services in Singapore

OneStop Professional Services Pte. Ltd. is a reliable audit firm in Singapore with the capabilities and resources to help your business, whether big or small, in a wide spectrum of auditing requirements that includes independent audit of financial statements.

The following are professional audit services we provide at OneStop:

Statutory Financial Statements Audit
Interim Financial Statements Audit
Certification of Financial Information

Auditing is one of the essential first steps towards ensuring that businesses can take the necessary and effective measures as well as controls within their company that would aid in enhancing their business processes. A necessary undertaking for businesses, it is through reliable financial information on their operations that organisations are able to have a better understanding of their financial position and can minimise costs wherever possible.

Hiring a dependable audit firm in Singapore is a significant milestone that organisations and businesses of all sizes best commit to, should they want to make certain that their financial records are done precisely and transparently.

OneStop offers a comprehensive range of corporate services, helmed by certified professionals equipped with a strong knowledge of auditing and accounting principles and a deep understanding of how crucial audited financial statements are to businesses in supporting them to make well-informed business decisions based on facts and records.

Our Value-Added Benefits:

  • We make it our goal to understand your business needs profoundly.
  • We offer practical audit recommendations to enhance future corporate governance and operational procedures.
  • We aim to ensure your business financial statements meet the regulatory business requirements.
  • We are accredited by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA).
  • We are a full practising member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS).

Here at OneStop, our team of skilled professionals can assist you in sourcing for a reliable, certified auditor responsible for communicating directly with your company to ensure accurate and efficient auditing for your business to minimise the risk of fraud or expose any discrepancies.

Auditing and accounting are relevant and essential in today’s business world as it assists in the following:

  • Enable proper planning for financial stability
  • Future financial estimates and budgets
  • Evaluation of business performance
  • Discovery and prevention of fraud

As the years progress, the increasing number of local and international businesses affected by questionable auditing and vexed financial statements has dramatically illuminated the need for trustworthy auditing services. The choice to opt for reliable third-party auditors can instil confidence and quell scepticism in an organisation’s consumers and partners. Simultaneously, it helps protect the company from negative factors such as mismanagement of funds, risks of fraud, and more.

For a cost-effective audit exercise, here are some of the best practices to follow:

  • Auditing for small, medium, to large organisations
  • Structure and independence of the audit
  • Execution of the audit plan
  • Obtain an Internal Auditor

Why choose OneStop as a leading auditing services provider in Singapore

With the rising need for corporate services, OneStop’s extensive knowledge of the Singaporean market as well as broad consulting experience makes us the go-to firm for all your corporate service needs. Through delivering insights and tax advisory along with a great variety of expertise on key corporate services, OneStop strives to offer the most efficient corporate solutions with a goal to assist clients in realising their business goals.

OneStop is adept with how businesses can harness digital transformation for the purpose of business growth, as well as proficient with the new regulatory standards.

Key services of OneStop include:

  • Incorporation of company
  • Registration of company
  • Company secretary services
  • Tax filing
  • Accounting and auditing services, and more.

Working with a firm that covers the auditing of small, medium and large-sized organisations, OneStop’s reputable team of professionals seek to do our best to help eliminate unnecessary penalties that would typically arise as a result of filing inaccurate returns of the failure to meet statutory deadlines. Rest assured that with OneStop’s trusted team of CA professionals with a deep understanding of accounting and audit processes, you would gain a tangible assessment of your tax filing, financial records, as well as other corporate services.

Should you have any questions about tax or finances, be assured that OneStop comes equipped with the local knowledge to help you. Please feel free to engage us directly at 96449531 or and discover how our auditing services can be of benefit to your business.

FAQs On Our Auditing Services

The varied audit services that we offer at OneStop Professional include the following:

  • Statutory Financial Statements Audit
  • Interim Financial Statements Audit
  • Certification of Financial Information
  • Every registered company in Singapore is expected to file financial statements as well as have their accounting records and statements officially audited annually, unless they are exempted from doing so.
    The compilation fees for unaudited reports at OneStop Professional are as follows:

  • Dormant to Semi-Dormant – S$300 onwards
  • Active Company – S$500 onwards
  • Group Company – S$1000 onwards

  • *The final fee depends on the complexity of the company’s transactions and their management accounts.

    For more information on our packages or to view additional pricing and services, please click here.