Delivering Reliable Auditing Services in Singapore

We have the capability and the resources to assist you in a broad spectrum of auditing requirements, including an independent audit of financial statements. We also provide the following professional services:
Audit Firm Singapore
Statutory Financial Statements Audit
Interim Financial Statements Audit
Certification of Financial Information

Hiring a reliable audit firm in Singapore is a significant milestone that businesses and organisations of any size should commit to if they are to ensure that their financial records are transparently and accurately done.

Auditing is one of the most important and first steps towards ensuring that the measures and controls put in place within a company are effective and aids in enhancing business processes.

Our Audit professionals offer a range of corporate services based on a strong knowledge of auditing and accounting principles.

Audit Company Singapore

Our Value-Added Services:

  • We understand your business needs. 
  • We help ensure your business financial statements meet the regulatory business requirements.
  • We offer audit recommendation to improve future corporate governance and operational procedures.
  • We are a full practising member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS).
  • We are accredited by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA).

Here at Onestop Professional Services Pte. Ltd., our team of experienced professionals can assist you in sourcing for a certified and reliable auditor. This auditor will communicate directly with your organisation, ensuring efficient and accurate auditing for your business to expose any discrepancies, or minimise the risk of frauds.

Accounting and auditing is quite essential in today’s business as it helps with the following:

  • Enable proper planning for financial stability
  • Evaluation of business performance
  • Future financial estimates and budgets
  • Discovery and prevention of fraud

In the events of the past few years, the rising number of global and local companies impacted by problematic financial statements and questionable auditing has greatly illuminated the need for reliable auditing services. Opting for trusted third-party auditing can quell scepticisms and instil confidence in a company’s partners and consumers, while protecting the company from risks of fraud, mismanagement of funds, and more.

Here are some of the best practices for a cost-effective audit exercise:

  • Structure and independence of the audit
  • Have an Internal Auditor
  • Execution of the audit plan
  • Auditing for small to medium to large businesses

Our services also cover the auditing of small to medium to large size businesses. Working with Onestop Professional Services Pte. Ltd, a trusted team of professionals, helps with eliminating unnecessary penalties that normally arise as a result of failure to meet statutory deadlines or due to the filing of inaccurate returns. With a reputable team of CA professionals, you can be assured of working with a team that has a deep understanding of audit and accounting processes. You can then gain a tangible assessment of your financial records, tax filing and other corporate services.

Auditing Services Singapore

With the need for corporate services on the rise, Onestop Professional Services Pte. Ltd, through its in-depth knowledge of the Singaporean market and broad consulting experience, stands out as the go-to firm for all your corporate service needs. The company leads in the observation of corporate governance practice, delivery of insights and tax advisory, with a wide range of expertise on key corporate services. Onestop Professional Services Pte. Ltd strives to offer the most efficient corporate solutions that are aimed at helping clients realise their business goals.

Onestop’s key services include accounting and auditing services, tax filing, incorporation of company services, registration of company, company secretary services, advisory services, and more. Onestop Professional Services Pte. Ltd is adept with new regulatory standards and how companies can harness digital transformation for business growth.

If you have any questions related to finances or tax, we have the local knowledge to help you. Please feel free to contact us directly. Talk to us now at 96449531 or and discover how our auditing services can benefit your business.