5 Crucial Jobs That Small Businesses Should Outsource

5 Crucial Jobs That Small Businesses Should Outsource

Singapore is considered as one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world. Hundreds and thousands of jobs are outsourced annually, and many businesses now consider embracing outsourcing to ease up and improve their business processes. Outsourcing is the process of externally assigning crucial business functions to third parties. In essence, it follows the remote work model.

Businesses of all sizes have different reasons for outsourcing, such as a lack of physical phase, managing overflowing tasks, and reducing costs. If you are specifically running a small business, outsourcing enables you to get more things done without increasing your full-time team substantially. To learn which company functions you should consider outsourcing as a small business, here are the most in-demand outsourced jobs.

1. Accounting

Because it requires plenty of time and expertise to balance the books, accounting is among the most commonly outsourced services in the world. Outsourced accounting services in Singapore relieve the stress that comes with learning and following accounting compliance standards, measuring cash flows, and determining areas of improvement.

2. Marketing

Developing your business and growing your client base is made possible by great marketing. Whether through organic content, market search, or paid media, your business can surely benefit greatly from outsourced marketing services. This type of outsourced service enables you to learn more about the preferences and behaviours of your audience with the help of research. You can then apply the information you gather to your marketing strategies to boost your brand’s reputation and increase sales.

3. Administration duties

Organisation and additional support are always appreciated by busy entrepreneurs – especially small business owners. For this reason, virtual assistants and company secretary services are increasingly popular primarily due to their usefulness with daily routine tasks, such as scheduling appointments, emailing, and data management. Assistants and secretaries allow you to concentrate on the bigger jobs required by your business by managing tedious administrative tasks.

4. IT management

In today’s modern corporate world, technology is ever-advancing and has become of utmost significance for businesses. To succeed in the industry, you need to have functional, reliable, and secure technology in place for all your business processes. However, technological mishaps are usually unavoidable, which is why outsourced IT services have become so popular and in demand. By outsourcing IT services, you can reduce disruptions to your business and enhance your systems for better productivity.

5. Customer support

Customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty are crucial to a successful and long-lasting business. However, establishing and maintaining client relationships and dealing with pain points are usually time-consuming. Most of the time, juggling this task with many others can lead to low-quality communication and strained client relationships. Luckily, you can deal with emails, calls, and messages from existing and potential clients in a more effective manner by outsourcing customer support.


Outsourcing has unsurprisingly grown more prominent these days, thanks to the numerous benefits that it brings to businesses. Particularly if you have a small business, outsourcing accounting, administrative duties, advertising and marketing, IT management, and customer support are highly recommended, as doing so can significantly improve your business operations. Ultimately, as more and more businesses start to recognise its advantage, the future of outsourcing continues to be promising.

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