3 F’s Every Company Must Have to Increase Staff Satisfaction

3 F’s Every Company Must Have to Increase Staff Satisfaction

Employees are the backbone of a company. Without them, a company will not be able to achieve its business objectives. However, these days, retaining employees and increasing their engagement and productivity seem to have become more challenging than ever. One of the main reasons behind this is that the global workforce is now composed of mostly young adults who are not afraid to switch jobs.

Employees always have an eye out for opportunities, and once they find a job that will offer them better satisfaction, they will not hesitate to move to greener pastures. For this reason, it is essential to always look for ways to improve your employees’ job satisfaction if you want to keep your company intact and growing.

In this article, we will share some of the most important characteristics or practices that your company must have to enhance employee retention and development. Here are the 3 F’s that will surely make your workers more satisfied with their jobs.

1. Flexibility

Rigidity and micromanagement are some of the primary reasons why many employees feel suffocated in their current jobs. Without flexibility, your employees will find it challenging to grow and progress in their careers. A rigid workplace will also make it hard for them to have a proper work-life balance, which can be a major cause of high turnover.

As an employer, you should always keep in mind that your employees have a life outside of work and make it clear that you value their time. Employees tend to lose motivation when their employers expect them to work beyond their shift hours or on their days off without any reward or additional compensation.

So, instead of cultivating a culture of overwork, provide your employees with flexible schedules and opportunities for remote work to help them finish their tasks that suit them without demotivating them. Be open to your staff coming in and leaving earlier or later for valid reasons instead of forcing them to follow rigid work schedules.

Essentially, fostering flexibility means giving your employees greater control and autonomy for their own time within the workplace. This will enable them to have a work-life balance and give them a greater sense of responsibility when it comes to their jobs.

2. Financial Security

Admit it, more than anything else, money is the main reason an employee will stay in a company for several years. If your employees feel financially secure working for your company, they will most likely remain in their jobs for a long time. Hence, it is vital to ensure your business is consistently earning high and paying the employees right.

Provide your employees with different financial benefits to show them you are invested in their overall well-being and future. A solid economic benefits package will help your organisation attract and retain talents. It will also likely increase your workers’ motivation and productivity.

Aside from delivering financial benefits, it is necessary to give your employees a sense of stability and security for being a part of your organisation. This means assuring them that your business is doing well financially and will not likely experience layoffs or retrenchment in the future.

To ensure this, you need to keep an eye out for your company’s revenues and finances. Use effective marketing and pricing strategies, boost your sales channels, and improve fraud prevention and detection as much as possible. Engaging a reliable audit firm is one of the best ways to ensure your finances are always in check.

3. Family-Oriented Culture

This is one of the most effective ways to make your employees feel less stressed out and more comfortable with their jobs. A family-oriented culture is the ideal work culture that most likely translates to high employee retention. A family-oriented work culture gives employees the freedom to share their opinions and ideas and promotes active discussions on various issues in the workplace.

By cultivating a family-oriented culture in your organisation, you can improve the communication and connection between your managers and their team members. Your employees will never hesitate to approach their managers for anything work-related. This will also facilitate a transparent, open, and healthy workplace for everyone.


Overall, convincing employees to stay in their jobs is not as complicated as it seems. Everything boils down to job satisfaction. If your employees are satisfied with their careers and your company culture, retaining them and increasing their productivity will be more manageable. By fostering flexibility, financial security, and family orientation, you can increase staff satisfaction and ultimately improve your organisation’s employee retention.

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