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OneStop Professional Services is a leading services provider in Singapore that has successfully established our presence in the corporate community as a Chartered Accountants firm, seeking to solve clients’ corporate business challenges with business-minded solutions from our highly qualified experts. Situated in Tanjong Pagar Singapore, OneStop aims to attend to our clients’ corporate needs by providing auditing, accounting, corporate advisory, government, corporate secretarial tax, and valuation services – all with an emphasis on letting our clients focus solely on their business growth. Whether company incorporation, auditing, or nominee director services, OneStop is your go-to firm for comprehensive company secretary services and other services tailored to your specific corporate needs.

Why Choose Us

Our clients’ success determines our own - we make certain of both by conscientiously collaborating with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes through utilising our wide range of services. With an aim to deliver exceptional service, our dynamic OneStop team is all you need for affordable, efficient, and prompt services that seek to resolve all your business issues!
All in One Service

As a reputable professional services provider in Tanjong Pagar equipped with extensive knowledge and vast experience, we are competent in understanding the dynamics and complexities of numerous businesses set up.

Efficient Service

Our dedication to respond actively to all customer enquiries and cater to each client’s needs stems from our goal to maximise customer satisfaction. Through presenting the most effective solutions available, we promise to do our best to help our clients foster their business growth.

Value for Money

Whether it be company incorporation or nominee director services to corporate secretary services and audit services, taxation and other services we are committed to providing our clients with quality services valued for money. For each of our clients’ satisfaction, be assured that we are consistently seeking to achieve the optimum combination of cost and quality possible.


We believe in providing top-notch customer support to our clients to ensure their satisfaction. Throughout cooperation, it is our duty to always respond to feedback as best as possible as our way to show that we value each and every client of ours.

Excellent Customer Service

For the benefit of our valued clients, our OneStop team is continually on the lookout for ways to self-improve by ensuring that our responses are outstanding, skills are current, and that we invariably stay sharp and relevant in the modern business world of today.

Abundance of Experience

With over 10 years of professional and qualified experience in our work, we guarantee that we provide excellent customer experience for all our clients in the form of giving them maximum attention and value for their money.

Want to get our services?

Engage us today for a full-scale analysis of your business paired with recommended, effective solutions specifically tailored to ensure your profits soar.

The Power of Strategic Partnership

We deeply understand the importance of collaborating with strategic partners to find the solution to all our clients’ corporate needs in a OneStop professional manner. As such, we teamed up with exclusive strategic partners in Singapore with a goal to serve our clients better. As we assist our clients in uncovering opportunities that will ultimately create long-term value for them, we hope to essentially build our relationship with our clients in the process.
Partner Program


We firmly believe in earning the trust of our clients for seamless cooperation. Know that you can count on us.
Before OneStop, our firm struggled with inefficient processes and high costs. Engaging them has significantly simplified our accounting processes and reduced our administrative costs.

I would definitely recommend OneStop to people seeking accounting services.

Elsie Wong BMC Media Pte Ltd

What differentiates OneStop from other accounting firms for us is their proactive attitude. They are always one phone call or message away and this allows us to receive advice and clarifications promptly.

This responsiveness is heavily valued by our firm and we hold OneStop in high regard.

Alfred Kumar Reach Victory Global Pte Ltd

We used to engage a firm from the Big 4 to conduct our audit and tax work. However, we encountered service issues and decided to switch over to OneStop thereafter.

It was the right move from us as we received efficient services at lower costs.

Roger Tan Tech Pacific Pte Ltd

Being a foreigner trying to incorporate a company in Singapore, I was at a loss and I did not know how to go about the process. Thanks to the patient and knowledgeable staff at OneStop, they guided me through the process and helped me with my requests.

OneStop is certainly the one-stop company for your business needs.

Ashish Malviya Webricots Singapore Pte Ltd

We outsourced our payroll management to OneStop 2 years ago and it has only been a pleasant and thriving experience for us since. Their prompt, accurate and professional services allow us to manage our payroll in an efficient manner.

I appreciate OneStop’s faultless services.

Steven Leong Wanhai Financial Holdings Pte Ltd

We selected Onestop Professional as our auditor based on a tender we conducted for our financial needs.
They are very professional and flexible in their approach.
Our experience with the team has been very positive.

Onestop Professional & Team deliver what they promise!

Hickman Joe Asia Pacific Resort Development Organization Pte Ltd

Onestop Professional is an excellent team which delivers on their promises and are stand out performers in the Accounting sector.

They helped me and my firm identify key risk areas, expertly address them while balancing delicate interests across various parties and put checks and balances in place to assist us to monitor and manage the growth and performance of our organisation through its growing life stages.

Elma Yu Oceanpayment Pte Ltd

I wanted to thank Onestop Professional for providing us with a quality, professional and painless audit again this year.

We view the continued support from Onestop Professional as integral to our organisation moving forward

Aimee Xiao Tokenpocket Foundation Limited

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